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All New Stay Fit 24 Member’s receive:

  • A Free Exclusive Day1 Coaching session- to communicate your needs and set real, achievable goals with a Stay Fit 24 Trainer.
  • A Free Personal Training Session to get you started on the path to success.


The habits you form will last a lifetime. With the right motivation and mindset, you can accomplish anything. We are here to give you that extra push you need to reach your full potential.

Working with a Stay Fit 24 Certified Personal Trainer will without a doubt boost your confidence, provide positive encouragement, and navigate you through the maze of fads and misinformation about diet and exercise.

Anyone can follow a cookie cutter workout from a popular magazine but our trainers design programs that are customized to your goals, for your body, your metabolism. Having this type of program ensures your success.

We create solutions and flexible options to fit every budget. It’s about your lifestyle change.

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