Success stories

Our StayFit24 community is full of inspiring stories from people just like you and we’re proud to share our members' accomplishments. Start your StayFit story today!


Lost 30lbs in just 6 months

In only 6 months since Cecília became a StayFit24 member, she has lost over 30 pounds. She met with our personal trainers for her free personal training session and learned some valuable cardio exercises to supplement her training. She enjoys running on the treadmill and using her Fitbit to keep track of her diet.

Keep up the great work, Cecilia!


Improved balance, coordination, and strength

She worked with our personal trainers to prepare for her 90th birthday. She improved her balance, coordination and her strength.

We hope you had a fantastic birthday, Dorothy! You deserve it!


Lost 14.8 lbs and melted away 4.8% body fat in 3 months

Amber is one of our members who kicks butt every time she comes in. Since joining she has lost 14.8 lbs and melted away 4.8% body fat! Amber said she saw the best effects from tracking her diet.

Way to go, Amber!


Lost 25 lbs of fat in only 1 short month

While working with our trainers, Rakesh lost 25 lbs of fat in just 1 month.

Congratulations, Rakesh!


Training for the Air National Guard boot camp

Dalon was about to start the Air National Guard boot camp when he came to Stay Fit 24. He needed help building his strength. Dalon focused his training on a mixture of free weights and machines.  As a result, he graduated boot camp with a high Physical Fitness grade of 95 out of 100 to earn what is called Thunderbolt! He is here on leave and will be going back to finish his tech training at Sheppard Air Force base in Wichita, Texas for Aircraft Electrical Environmental Systems.

We’re so proud of you, Dalon!